Benary Plus

Welcome to Benary+

More Beauty. More Choices. More Smiles.

In 2017, Benary created an industry changing enterprise called Benary+. Through this unique business we are able to provide growers with more choices and a more direct and efficient purchasing system that increases value – to you our customers, as well as your bottom line.


Benary+ is a distributor of Benary seed products such as the renowned BIG® Begonias; SUCCESS!® Petunias; Graffiti® Pentas; and Nonstop® Begonias as well as many more. Benary’s high quality seed products will continue to ship from Benary’s facility in DeKalb, Illinois.


Our team combines technical, strategic and creative talents to guide your business’ profits and continued success.  We’re always available to help you plant, grow and thrive.


Our long history as an independent family-owned business has allowed us to live our passion and to stay inspired by the beauty of our industry – and that is what we want to bring directly to you.


We look forward to working with you in innovative ways going forward, bringing you more beauty, more choices and more smiles!